Hope for Harapan: Saving Sumatran Rhinos

In more ways than one, Harapan means "hope." Born at the Cincinnati Zoo 12 years ago today, Sumatran rhino Harapan captured the hearts of the many that met him. Now at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary in Indonesia, Harapan has the opportunity to become part of the national conservation breeding strategy. With fewer than 80 of... Continue Reading →

Ratu’s Eating for Two

Rocky road ice cream, dill pickles, oranges… all things a pregnant human mother might crave during her pregnancy. While we may not know what a Sumatran rhino craves during pregnancy, we do know what Ratu likes to eat, and that she likes to eat A LOT. At this stage of her pregnancy, Ratu consumes between... Continue Reading →

SRS Becoming “Green” – SRS Update, Part 2

The Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary in Southeast Sumatra is a long way from the big cities of the world, Jakarta being a notable exception. Yet the sanctuary's daily activities have the same impact on the planet. Aside from trying to save these rare forest rhinos under our care, we are beginning to think about our "footprint" on the world. Although the... Continue Reading →

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