Conservation Is Not Cancelled

It has been an incredibly strange and sometimes scary few weeks with a lot of uncertainty, but we’ve been working very hard to ensure that all the members of our IRF family - our staff and partners around the world - are healthy and safe, and that they can continue to keep rhinos safe, even... Continue Reading →

Rhino Populations At the Tipping Point

Rhino populations are at the tipping point, barely keeping up with devastating losses from poaching. In Africa, criminals killed more than 1,100 rhinos 2017. Black rhinos in particular have undergone an observed decline of more than 80% in recent generations, which is a serious cause for concern. IRF’s success in saving rhino populations around the... Continue Reading →

#RallyForRangers – Zimbabwe’s Rhino Monitors

In Zimbabwe’s private Lowveld conservancies, teams of local rhino monitors, hired from neighboring communities, work tirelessly every day of the year to identify every single black and white rhino living in the area. By keeping close track of each individual rhino, they can detect and respond to poaching. When rhinos wander into insecure, farming areas,... Continue Reading →

#RallyForRangers – Dogs With Jobs

When you donate to IRF’s Rally for Rangers campaign, you’ll help fund equipment and training for K9 units working to stop poachers in southern Africa.  Thank you for helping rangers keep the planet safe for wildlife.    

Ear-notching to identify rhinos

Ear-notching is one of several different methods that trackers use to identify individual rhinos in Zimbabwe’s Lowveld region. In combination with wireless transmitters, numbered ID tags and distinct physical markings, these tools help biologists monitor the movements, interactions, health and safety of all individuals within key populations.

You Can Help Stop Rhino Poachers in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s Lowveld Conservancies are home to 90% of the country’s black rhinos -- and this genetically diverse and growing population is one of the most important Critically Endangered black rhino populations in Africa. With your support, our teams in the Lowveld have had tremendous success protecting black and white rhinos, but poaching remains a major... Continue Reading →

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