25 Things You Might Not Know About Rhinos

The word rhinoceros is a combination of two Greek words – rhino (nose) and ceros (horn). There are five living species of rhinoceros – white, black, greater one-horned, Javan and Sumatran. In addition, a number of other animals have rhinoceros as part of their names, including the rhinoceros auklet, rhinoceros beetle, rhinoceros chameleon, rhinoceros cockroach,…

Carolyn Hennesy, host of Animal Magnetism, and IRF’s Mike and Donna Dee don their Team Rhino t-shirts for the evening.

Bowling for Rhinos Events Update

The Los Angeles Zoo’s chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK) recently held its annual Bowling for Rhinos fundraiser at Glendale’s Jewel City Bowl. The monies raised each year help support efforts to protect black and white rhinos in Kenya’s Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, and Javan and Sumatran rhinos in three Indonesian national parks.…

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Wire snares and Rhinos

This white rhino has one droopy ear, the result of getting its head caught in a wire snare. The wire dug into its neck and severed a tendon that helped keep its ear erect. Fortunately, the snare was eventually removed and the injury treated, but the ear will always droop.