Clearing the Way for Rhinos in Manas National Park

In March of this year, IRF and its partners translocated two female greater one-horned rhinos to India’s Manas National Park, increasing the population to 40. This was the 7th translocation under the guidance of the Indian Rhino Vision 2020 program (IRV2020), which established an initial population of 18 in 2009. A greater one-horned rhino grazes... Continue Reading →

Two More Rhinos Arrive at Manas National Park in India

Over the weekend, two sub-adult female greater one-horned rhinos were transported from Kazaringa National Park and released in Manas National Park in Assam, India under the supervision of the Translocation Core Committee, which includes veterinary and security personnel. In a wild-to-wild translocation under IRV2020, two female greater one-horned rhinos were moved from Kaziranga NP and... Continue Reading →

Facing Down A Crisis

Rhinos are in Crisis Two-thirds of the world’s five rhino species could be lost in our lifetime. Rampant poaching by organized criminal networks, habitat loss, and factors ranging from inbreeding to invasive species are driving rhinos to the brink of extinction. Rhino populations are at the tipping point, barely keeping up with devastating losses from... Continue Reading →

How Much Do Rhinos Sleep?

ZZZzzzzzzz.....Whether it's slumbering, dozing, napping, snoozing or taking a siesta - sleep is essential for all creatures in the animal kingdom and rhinos are no different. Weather and temperature sometimes dictate when rhinos get some shuteye but in general, most rhinos sleep in intervals totaling up to about eight hours a day. Sleeping Postures Rhinos... Continue Reading →

The Rhiny Awards: Can You Guess the Winners?

    Welcome to the First Annual Rhiny Awards! With award season in full-swing we thought there are a few species that also deserve recognition for their outstanding performances this year.  Spoiler alert: all five species of rhino are winners to us BUT, can you guess which species wins which award? Check out the nominees and categories... Continue Reading →

#OppositeDay – Grazers versus Browsers

Rhinos are broadly split into two categories – grazers and browsers – based upon their style of feeding and the types of food they eat. Grazers White rhinos are grazers who prefer grasses and typically feed low to the ground. Grazers might be likened to lawn mowers, heads held low and broad mouths sweeping the... Continue Reading →

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