The International Rhino Foundation (IRF) is dedicated to the survival of the world’s rhino species through conservation and research.

The IRF:

  • provides the technical (scientific, educational, administrative) and financial resources necessary to facilitate the conservation of rhinos.
  • coordinates the resources and communications of a diverse array of rhino conservation partners, to maximize effect, while minimizing duplication.
  • provides technical and administrative services for captive programs (regionally and globally).
  • provides the linkage between captive programs, and wild populations.
  • supports applied research that targets the problems affecting the survivability of rhinos.
  • promotes the involvement of local communities in the conservation of rhinos.
    advances the expertise of range-state professionals through training.
  • creates enduring (self sustaining) rhino conservation programs through “facilitative” and “catalytic” approaches
  • gives priority for its resources application of resources to issues related to species-level conservation.
  • is recognized as a trusted resource for relevant rhino information.

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  1. Dear International Rhino Foundation,
    My name is Naimeesh Mistry, and i am currently a student at Scotch College, Perth.
    I have been assigned a project to create.
    I have chosen to research, design, and create an Artificial Rhino Horn.
    I would like to get some background information on the dimensions, weight, and materials of an Artificial Rhino Horn.

    Yours Truly,
    Naimeesh Mistry

  2. This may seem far fetched, but would it be possible to make tissue cultures of rhino horns (and elephant for that matter) so as to reduce interest and cost of the different products poached from live animals? Has this been looked into

  3. Dear Susie,

    I have tried several times to email you, without any response and I do not know if my emails are getting through to you. When you were in Botswana, I guess in 2011, you expressed interest in our wildlife photographic and poetry project. Now that the book is going into printing, we would like to know if you are interested in having us put the IRF name and contact details on one of the photographic pages dedicated to the rhino? If so, please would you grant permission on the email details given with this reply.

  4. Hello,
    Seeking permission to use a photo of a Javan rhino for an art competition in the UK. For the endangered species category, however need the references permission for my entries. Want to spotlight the rhino, one of my favourite creatures to raise awareness. Thank you for your time.
    Jennifer Peters

  5. And DH Stanton Elementary School in Atlanta Georgia, USA has done our first #RhinoShoutoutChallengeUSA, would love for you to watch their wonderful challenge.

    If you know of any schools that would like to get involved and have us help by giving a educational presentation let us know. So who is next in the USA??

  6. Hello, how I can contact you for advice I started renovation for rhino cage in Bulgarian zoo. I have huge wish to make his life better because conditions of life are horrible. Thank you in advice.
    Best regards!
    It’s great what are you doing..

  7. I need an up to date map of where Rhinos live for my son’s animal report. He is 5 yrs old and thinks rhinos are cool.

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