Dr. Susie Ellis Receives Award for Innovation in Conservation

IRF’s Executive Director, Dr. Susie Ellis, was recently honored as the 2019 Ulysses S. Seal Award Winner for Innovation in Conservation. This prestigious award from IUCN’s Conservation Specialist Planning Group honors Susie’s former boss at CSPG, Ulie Seal, and is given every other year to acknowledge and celebrate a scientist who has effectively applied science to solve some of the world’s greatest conservation problems. 

Dr. Ellis has been a leader in conservation projects for species all over the world from turtles to cheetahs, orcas to – of course – rhinos. She is the IUCN Red List Authority for the Asian Rhino Specialist Group and an integral member of IUCN’s Conservation Breeding, Penguin, and African Rhino Specialist Groups.

Her steadfast dedication and determination have made such an incredible difference for the world’s rhinos, and for that, we are incredibly grateful to have her leading Team Rhino.

We could not be prouder – a well-deserved congratulations, Susie!

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