Rhino Protection Units Catche Illegal Loggers at Way Kambas National Park

As reported by the Way Kambas Rhino Protection Unit

The RPU team transporting the illegal loggers to be processed by police.

Based on tips by local villagers that live in the surrounding areas of Way Kambas National Park (WKNP), a group of Nibung wood (Oncosperma tigillarium) loggers inside of Way Kambas National Park. In response to this information, National Park authorities assembled a team consisting of Park Rangers and Rhino Protection Units (RPUs) to search the forest and apprehend the loggers.

The team trekked to the river and then continued by boat. Around 5 PM, the team arrived in the Resort Sekapuk region which was within 2 km of the loggers’ location. After several hours of tracking, the team found the people who were trying to transport Nibung wood outside of the forest. The team was able to successfully capture the nine perpetrators. All evidence was confiscated by the team.

The illegal loggers were then taken to the police station to be processed.

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