Floating Anti-poaching Patrol Stations in Indonesia

Unicorn II YABI P1030065 low res

Unicorn II on the open water

Unicorn II is the name given to a floating patrol station that Rhino Protection Units (RPUs) now use to prevent wildlife crime along the northern border of Indonesia’s Way Kambas National Park. Way Kambas is one of the last places on earth where critically endangered Sumatran rhinos survive. The northern river boundary has been used in the past by poachers to enter Way Kambas, so Unicorn II plays an essential role in reducing wildlife crime, including the illegal taking of freshwater fish that inhabit the river. Funding for the construction of Unicorn II was generously provided by the BBC Wildlife Fund and Save the Rhino International.

Unicorn II 1909 low res

Unicorn II under construction

Unicorn II May 2014 002

RPU team member with fish confiscated from a poacher recently arrested

0RPUs on Unicorn II Summer 2013

Unicorn II docked


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