IRF and AAZK given the honor of naming 2 translocated rhinos.

Syra: Rhino #7

Syra: Rhino #7

Under the auspices of the Indian Rhino Vision 2020 conservation program, a total of 18 greater one-horned rhinos have been translocated from the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary and Kaziranga National Park from 2008 to the present. Five animals have been lost to poachers since the program began, but six calves have also been born in Manas.

The International Rhino Foundation was given the privilege of naming two of the reintroduced rhinos, an opportunity it extended to the American Association of Zookeepers (AAZK) at its 2012 annual conference. Participants at the conference voted for two names: Xavira, which was the name of a female greater one-horned rhino that lived at the Philadelphia Zoo for many years, and Syra, which is short for Syracuse, the city in which the conference was held. These names were given to Rhinos #6 & #7, both of which were translocated to Manas from the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary on January 17, 2011.

Xavira: Rhino #6

Xavira: Rhino #6

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