Rhino Photo of the Week

Sumatran rhino "Emi" and calf "Harapan" at Cincinnati Zoo

 This week’s photo was taken by Jennifer Hoban on May 26, 2007. Photo submitted by rhinoceros enthusiast, Tracy Sterling.

Location of photo: Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens; Cincinnati, Ohio

Camera settings: automatic

This is world-famous Emi, a Sumatran rhino, and baby, Harapan, her third calf, born April 29, 2007 at just under one month of age. Emi’s first calf, Andalas, born Sept. 13, 2001 was the first Sumatran rhino bred and born in captivity in 112 years, since 1889. Her second calf, Suci, was born July 30, 2004. Sadly, Emi passed away on Sept. 4, 2009 at 21 years of age.

 Website/blog link: www.cincinnatizoo.org

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