Rhino Photo of the Week

This week’s photo is by Anne Makaske.

Photo by Ann Makaske

Photo taken on 27 september 2007 in South Africa at Chitwa Chitwa Game Park.

Photo settings: Nikon D200, ISO250
1/500, f/4.0, 70-200 mm

This picture was taken in the early morning hours in Chitwa Chitwa. It’s a private game park bordering to the famous Krugerpark. Like us, the guide was delighted to spot a rhino with calf. The day before, following a sky black with vultures, we had discovered the decaying corps of a rhino in a dried riverbed. Five young ‘crazy’ male lions were feeding on it and the guide told us how weird it was for lions to kill a rhino. He suspected the animal to have been ill or wounded. We actually checked for the horn to be intact. It was.

“Alive is better then death” was his short conclusion when we saw this happy family. Me and my nose couldn’t agree more.

Anne Makaske


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