Crisis Zimbabwe Update – June 7, 2009

We translocated 22 in the end from Bubiana.

We translocated 22 in the end from Bubiana.

We translocated 22 in the end from Bubiana. Everyone was a relief to get out but some deserve special mention:
Rosemary is the 7 year old female calf of Myrtle who was poached in November 2008 along with her young calf at the time, Mint. Myrtle’s sub-adult Basil was poached in December 2008 leaving Rosemary as her only known offspring surviving in Bubiana.
With Rosemary was Figtree – Marula’s calf of 2005. Marula and Myrtle were best friends and always found close to each other or calf sitting the others sub-adult so it is no surprise these two were together. Marula and her current calf Cassia were also translocated.

Our fantastic trackers

Our fantastic trackers

Sinikwe’s mother Ulemule and her sub-adult calf Serina (Sinikwe’s sister) were found on a property to the west of where she normally lives. With Ulemule, Sinikwe, Jiros and Serina moved the whole Ulemule family is now relocated to Bubye.
We also got both our local big heavies – Dozer and Ganya. Dozer had a number of new scars indicating he had been scrapping recently with Ganya. 
Sadly the numbers on Rocky Glen and Boulder Creek (where monitoring is performed by the property owners) were much lower than hoped. Management there had said they had about 15 rhinos (out of 45 18 months ago) but we only found five. This is a disturbing example of what can happen when monitoring is not adequate. We found five carcasses while searching for rhinos to translocate.

3 thoughts on “Crisis Zimbabwe Update – June 7, 2009

  1. To all you rhino rescuers- I have been laying in bed late at night wondering and hoping that you can move all these creatures as soon as possible. I see them in my mind’s eye and fear for their lives. If they only knew what was happening and how many people were so concerned for their safety, and the fact that their race was on the precipice, perhaps they would pick themselves up and walk out of there alone, to a safer place. Being that it won’t happen like that, it is gratifying that you people are there, dedicated and determined to save them. For that, the rhinos, and I, thank you. I wish I could be there.

  2. I totally agree with John … I regularly follow your blog, and your actions fill me with nothing but gratitude. I am grateful that efforts of people like you will save the little that we have left of our ravaged planet. You guys are TRUE unsung heroes … hats off to you. I hope and pray that this insane, brutal and fiendish poaching comes to a halt soon.

    Regards from India.

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