Crisis Zimbabwe Update – May 18, 2009

Weekend Update from Natasha Anderson:

Looks like we all made it through. No poachers spoor located and no shots reported.
Today is final preparation day for the upcoming emergency translocations. Dr. Chris Foggin is arriving with his son Greg to set up all the veterinary kit. Lovemore Mungwashu is driving the Merc translocation truck down from Harare. Raoul and Dr. Mark Davies will fly in this afternoon (the Husky made it through all it’s tests!!). Jackson Kamwi – our senior rhino monitor – is coming across from Save Valley. Jackson has probably tracked more rhinos for translocation than any other person anywhere and his experience and skill is invaluable. Glenton Combes will be here with the Squirrel helicopter Tuesday morning early.
The rhino monitors will be locating the priority rhinos today so they have the best idea where to pick up on them tomorrow morning when the translocation team is set.
Here we go!

Example of a past rhino translocation

Example of a past rhino translocation

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